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Little Basketball Players

MILTON (WKOW) -- The high school basketball postseason is almost here. However, many area youth basketball stars are still in the midst of their seasons. In this week's Little Heroes we head to Milton to check out some of their K-1 ballers.

In the Milton league, they really just try to teach the kids the basics and let them have fun and keep them involved.

Every Saturday they play games. Although, no score is kept and after every 5-10 minutes, the entire lineup changes and it's almost as if they are starting a whole new game.

The kids definitely have a lot of fun out on the court. They shoot on an 8 foot high goal that connects onto the regulation hoop, but every now and then an errant shot goes over the small hoop and into the bigger one.

The kids seem to enjoy every aspect of the game, but it is obvious just by watching, how much enjoyment they get out of making a shot. It's a big deal to them. But for the coaches, they are just thrilled to see the smiles and enjoyment on the faces of their little stars.

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