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Update: Dane County bomb squad investigating fatal fire in La Crosse

LA CROSSE (WKOW) -- The Dane County Bomb Squad and La Crosse Fire Department are investigating what kinds of chemicals were present at the site of a fatal fire.

La Crosse firefighters found 34-year-old James Allen Oestreich dead at the scene in his basement apartment late Sunday night.

Investigators say they also found potentially hazardous materials and chemicals.

The rest of the building has minor fire and smoke damage.


LA CROSSE (WKOW) -- Emergency crews in La Crosse have blocked off a one-block area around a home in which a man died over the weekend, to determine what "volatile chemicals" may be inside.

A fire department spokesperson says no one has entered the home since early Monday morning after the chemicals were discovered.

Authorities were first called to the scene for a fatal fire in a basement apartment that left one man dead.


LA CROSSE (WKOW) -- Authorities are blocking off several streets around the scene of a fatal apartment fire in La Crosse after discovering "volatile chemicals" in the basement of the home.

The Dane County Bomb Squad is gathering near the building where one person died early Monday in a fire in a basement apartment. So far, no one has been evacuated but a multiple-block area has been cordoned off.

The Dane County Bomb Squad is at the location to assist with determining what kinds of chemicals are in the basement, their hazardous potential, and removal from the home. no one has gone into the basement since the chemicals were discovered and because of the nature of the materials, fire investigators have not been able to determine what caused the fire. 

The victim of the fire was tentatively identified as James Oestrech, 34.  According to a La Crosse Fire Department spokesperson, Oestrech died of injuries suffered in the fire. 


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