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Earthquake in Chile shakes families in Madison

MADISON (WKOW) -- Madison residents with family in Chile are glad their family members are safe.

27 News first caught up with Madison mom Nancy Wolfe on Saturday, just minutes after she'd heard from her two children in Chile. Ben and Keri Wolfe are living about ten hours from the epicenter, but still felt a magnitude six earthquake that left hotels destroyed and cars crushed. We caught up with them days after the earthquake to see what the situation is like now.

Keri Wolfe, living in Chile but originally from Poynette, says, "The roads to the south of Chile are still pretty cut off, no traveling to the south by bus."

Wolfe would normally be working on a Monday, but with aftershocks, most places are still closed, even ten hours from the epicenter.

Their mom, Nancy, says she's just glad they're safe.

Wolfe says, "I thought, okay, when are they going to have water, sanitation, how get do they get food, or to the ATM when they need money: or gas in their car.. all those things.. as a mom.. that's what was going through my head."

Also relieved, many UW students with family in Chile. UW-Madison students Patricio Mendoza and Javier Vera are graduate students at the UW. Mendoza is from Santiago, Chile.. about ten hours from the epicenter in Concepcion, Chile.

Mendoza says, "My brother contacted me, said he was okay."

Mendoza had just recently been in Concepcion.

He said, "I was in that building that fell off, the one you see on the news, so it's, you can't explain, when you see that."

There are more than a dozen UW students studying in Santiago. They're all safe and accounted for.

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