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Local Red Cross ready to help in Chile

MADISON (WKOW) -- Here we go again. That was Tom Mooney's immediate reaction hearing the magnitude of Saturday's 8.8 tremor in Chile.

Mooney is the Executive Director of the American Red Cross Badger Chapter, an organization that's played an active role in the Haiti relief efforts.

Mooney says unlike Haiti, Chile is much better prepared to deal with a disaster. He says, right now, the Red Cross in the South American nation is evaluating the need for outside help.

Meantime, Mooney says the donations for Haiti continue. So far, $400,000 has been pledged to the relief efforts from donors right here in south central Wisconsin.

Each week, the American Red Cross, as a whole, allocates $20 million for the third world country, adds Mooney.

"The problem is the dollars will go away eventually, but the need is still going to be there," Mooney says.

The needs in Haiti are so much different than those is Chile, Mooney adds. "(With) what's going on in Haiti, we'll continue to ask for funds until they can be used up."

Mooney says regardless what role the Red Cross plays in Chile, Mother Nature is putting preparedness back in the spotlight.

"The fact of the matter is the next disaster is just around the corner, because it's going to strike at anytime," Mooney concludes.

As for local donations for local needs, Mooney says they haven't been compromised by the Haiti aid, but adds you can never predict giving-habits.

Online reporting by Brock Bergey

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