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Lawmakers try to extend sick days to more workers

WASHINGTON (WKOW) -- A group of U.S. lawmakers are pushing for the passage of a bill that would extend paid sick days to more U.S. workers.

They say a new report by the Joint Economic Committee concluded that expanding paid sick day benefits would boost job quality and economic security for workers.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore of Wisconsin is among those backing the bill.

"I represent the city of Milwaukee where 69 percent of the electorate voted for paid sick leave in 2008," said Moore, "and it was stopped by the business community and by court injunction because of the fear that paid sick leave would ruin our economy. So, I am so appreciative of this report, which will help us persuade those who are the employers that there will be greater productivity among workers as a result of paid sick leave."

New York congresswoman Carolyn Maloney said 40 percent of employers in the private sector don't provide paid sick days.

Maloney says the proposed bill would ensure sick days for 90 percent of private sector workers, expanding coverage to 30 million more workers.

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