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Parents upset after principal posts students' bad grades on his office door

MARSHFIELD (WKOW) -- A middle school principal in Wisconsin is under investigation after he posted the names of students with failing grades on his door.

Marshfield Middle School Principal Dave Schoepke posted a list with student's name, their class, teacher and their F grade for all to see.

Principal Schoepke says his goal was to get his students to turn in their assignment or projects in order to attend tonight's school dance.

According to him, his idea worked.

Of the hundred 7th and 8th graders on the list, half of them turned in the necessary homework.

However, posting the grades violates federal law and many parents say its public humiliation.

"At about 4:30 the damage was already done. I was standing out there with the other students standing in the hall. They were calling their other friends telling them who was on the list.," says Marshfield parent James Krier.

The superintendent says the principal had good intentions but did violate student privacy rules.

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