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Census begins to arrive in U.S. mailboxes

WASHINGTON (WKOW) -- The Census Bureau is urging cities and states to promote the census and try to improve upon the rate of return in 2000.

More than 120 million census forms will begin arrive Monday in mailboxes around the country. The government's head count will be used to divide more than $400 billion in federal aid as well as congressional seats.

Fast-growing states with high populations of young adults and Hispanics could stand to lose more money than most because those groups have proven least likely to mail in their forms. (Click to read more about one local group's push to encourage Latino participation in the Midwest.)

In 2000 around 72 percent of U.S. households returned their forms. This time around, the government estimates it could save an estimated $1.5 billion in follow-up visits if everyone who receives a census form mails it back.

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