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Health care reform gains support

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democrats have delayed the planned release of final health care legislation at least until Thursday as they seek to make sure it would reduce federal deficits annually over the next decade.

The measure is actually the second of two bills Democratic leaders hope to pass in the coming days. The first is the Senate version, and the second is revisions that House members want.

Meanwhile, the bill has been picking up some precious support.

Among those now backing it is Congressman Dennis Kucinich. The Ohio Democrat had voted against an earlier version, saying he wanted the government to play a larger role.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Kucinich's decision important not only for itself, "but also on the outside," with liberal groups still unhappy about the lack of a public option. Obama calls Kucinich's support "a good sign."

Meanwhile, protesters are gathering to demonstrate in anticipation of a House vote.

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