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COPY-Last hurrah for winter sports recreation

By Jeff Angileri - bio | email | Twitter | Facebook

MT. HOREB (WKOW) -- With most of the snow melted, and temperatures on the rise, it's finally starting to feel like spring in Wisconsin.

But, for avid skiers, the seasonal transition is bittersweet.

Some people will tell you, March is the best time to ski.

"The conditions are good," said Chris Babashka. "It's nice and warm. The snow's a little sticky but it's good. Best thing is you're not freezing out here."

Babashka and his family came up from Chicago to spend the day at Tyrol Basin, near Mount Horeb.

They found great weather, short lines at the ski lift, and employees working continuously to prevent conditions from going downhill.

"We groom every night," said Don McKay, Tyrol Basin general manager. "We have a few tricks up our sleeves from experience. We try to keep conditions the best we can given the weather we have to work with."

Tyrol Basin is finishing a record season. With the recession in mind, they slashed weekday prices this winter from $36 to $12. That brought a 700 % increase in attendance, according to McKay.

Mother nature helped, too.

"We've had great skiing all season long, starting with that big natural snow in early December," McKay said. "Consistent temperatures kept that snow pack on the ground."

McKay said they hope to stay open until March 28th.

Even though the winter sports season is coming to an end, diehard skiers and snowboarders are making the most of it. After all, it's not everyday you can go down the slopes without a coat on.

Cole Babashka, 8, said it even felt warm wearing all his skiing gear. "Hot but fun," he said.

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