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Patients unaware of medical screening risks

WASHINGTON DC (WKOW) -- The government is under pressure to make an official recommendation on CT scans.

At a meeting in Washington Tuesday, a doctor claimed that he and other Food and Drug Administration staffers were dismissed when they told higher-ups they are worried over high doses of radiation from diagnostic scanning tests, especially virtual colonoscopies.

He says the routine use of powerful CT scans to screen patients for colon cancer could do more harm than good.

Others speaking before the FDA panel did say patients may not be aware of the risks involved.

Researchers estimate as many as 14,000 people may die every year from radiation-induced cancers.  Which has caused a deep divide in the medical community, with gastroentorologists who perform traditional colonoscopies endorsing that method as a screen for cancer, while radiologists say CT scans--when used appropriately are the way to go.

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