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Real sugar can get dieters on the right track

No doubt about it, Americans are sweet on sweeteners and many use the sugar substitutes instead of the real thing to save on calories.

While it's true that 'no' and 'low' calorie alternatives are much sweeter than sugar, but adding them to your diet may actually sabotage weight loss goals.

Doctors say although the intent for most people is to decrease calorie intake, for more patients, it actually perpetuates the desire for sweets and leads to more cravings.

So what do you do when your sweet tooth is in overdrive? Dr. Josephine Connolly-Schoonen says be patient and realize your long-term goal is to reduce your intake of sweeteners. For example, if you have to put three teaspoons of sugar in each cup of coffee, that's more than recommended. But if you start there and gradually decrease over time, that is a good goal.

One teaspoon of sugar is just 16 calories. Eventually that could be enough to keep craving in check and could change your whole taste preference and palate.

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