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Black bear sighting

SPRING GREEN (WKOW) -- A black bear was apparently hit and killed in Richland County.

Authorities say the 300 pound male was likely hit and killed by a vehicle at the intersection of State Highway 56 and Bufton Hollow Road in the Richland County Town of Forest.

"There was a rash of bird feeders destroyed in this neck of the woods last year and a bear was photographed near Viola. This may have been the same bear," said DNR conservation warden Mike Nice, Richland Center, who responded to a citizen call of a dead bear along the highway.

June is the breeding season for bears in Wisconsin.  Over the last three weeks, bear sightings have been reported near Richland Center in Richland County and in Iowa County near Avoca.

"Black bears are normally very timid and avoid all contact with people. They may cause problems by damaging bird feeders or foraging through unsecured garbage containers and they may return to the same area if food is readily available," said Roth.

The UW is studying bear movement.  This study, now in its fifth year, tracks bears in the southwestern part of the state and the public is encouraged to report bear sightings. You can call Rebecca Roth at 608-588-3432 or email at

Here are some tips to avoid coming across a bear:

  • Don't knowingly feed a bear.
  • Reduce garbage odors by rinsing food cans before putting them in recycling containers or garbage cans.
  • Compost vegetable scraps.
  • Keep meat scraps in the freezer until garbage day and garbage cans in a closed building until pick-up.
  • Keep pet food inside or don't feed in the evening.
  • Keep barbeque grills and picnic tables clean.
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