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New surgery technique helps patients after weight loss procedure

Stephanie Stanley had gastric bypass and dropped 120 pounds. But the 32-year-old didn't get the compliments she expected.

Stephanie said "I thought, I've lost all this weight and people are still saying, 'Oh, you're pregnant.' You know, you look heavy."

That's because after she lost all that fat, she had a lot of excess skin.

Dr. Alexander Moya says that's because the folds of skin make the patient lose "complete body shape. So they look in the mirror and they really don't have any shape at all."

Now Stephanie likes what she sees thanks to a new procedure called corset trunkplasty.

Dr. Moya developed the technique at Pennsylvania's Geisinger Medical Center.

He says "it removes a significant amount of skin from the entire abdomen, from the flanks, from the lower chest, even the upper back and the lower back."

During the surgery, he removes a big circle of skin from the abdomen, tightens the abdominal wall and pulls the skin closed. Next, he enhances the look by removing excess skin under the breastbone and at the lower waistline.

Dr. Moya tailors the procedure to each patient, removing anywhere from one to 30 pounds of sagging skin, all in one sitting.

Traditional body contouring, known as belt lipectomy, requires one large incision that goes completely around the waist. And for many patients that doesn't provide an aesthetically pleasing waistline and can create a more painful recovery.

Stephanie isn't worried about her incisions. She's just happy to have a waist again.

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