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Teens watching more 'R' rating movies thanks to technology

Kids have been sneaking into R-rated movies for years but there's a new twist to the old game: technology.

Downloading or renting DVDs by mail makes more sense: they get what they want on demand or through their video game systems, or online through YouTube, Hulu and NetFlix to name a few.

Jim Steyer, CEO and Founder of the group Common Sense Media, says "Today you can sit in the privacy of your own room or family room and download something on your cell phone or over the Internet. You can be exposed to inappropriate content without ever having to come near a movie theater."

We've read all the studies about adult content increasing violent behavior, but recent studies show R-rated movies may also encourage kids to experiment with drinking and smoking.

Kids are inevitably exposed to adult content at an earlier age, something worried parents are venting about on message boards at commonsensemedia.com.

Steyer says "As this 24/7 media and technology world evolves, it just adds a new layer of parental responsibility, but the silver lining is it also opens a new layer of dialogue and helping your kids process the kind of important lessons they're going to need and grow up to be healthy adults."

The fact is, at a certain point, kids will watch what they want to watch.

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