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Haiti Medical Mission of Wisconsin

The mission of Haiti Medical Mission of Wisconsin is to provide quality health care for the people of Thiotte, Haiti and the surrounding areas, by partnering with the staff of the Sacre Coeur Clinic and claims the gospel mandate to have a preferential option for the poor.

Before embarking on the actual medical trip to Haiti each year, there is extensive preplanning and packaging of supplies. Many medications are donated by local health care facilities, and others are purchased by our group with donated funds. Under the volunteer direction of our organization's pharmacist who is also the supply co-coordinator, medications are then packaged into distributable units, and labeled with directions in both Creole and English. Other supplies, such as IVs, bandages, surgical equipment, etc. are also collected leading up to the trip departure date.  About a week or two before departing for Haiti, our group assembles to pack the duffle that they will be taking to Haiti . Each team member is assigned to two, large army-style duffel bags. All supplies and medications are packed in these duffels, which protect them during transportation from the US to Thiotte.

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