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Orphans in Fondwa, Haiti now sleep under tarps

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FONDWA, HAITI (WKOW)-- There is nothing more heart wrenching than seeing a child suffer. The images following the earthquake in Haiti of injured, sick and hungry children were difficult to see.

Organizations were reaching out helping before the earthquake. The need has now only grown. We take you to an orphanage in rural Haiti as we continue tonight a weeklong series on 'Wisconsin's Lifeline to Haiti.'

The epicenter of January's earthquake in Haiti was not far from this small mountain community of Fondwa.

Led by Sister Mary Carmelle, nuns run this orphanage.

It was hit hard by the earthquake.

"We lost everything," said Sister Mary Carmelle.

A nun and a young child died in what used to be a guest house.

"We loved him, but God loved him too," said Sister Mary Carmelle.

The 60 or so children now live under massive tarps.

Dr. David Olive brought some semblance of childhood for the kids, a bag full of toys. A walk down the mountain-side brings more raw emotions for Dr. Olive.

"When you contrast this with what they have now, you can see there's a huge difference in living conditions," said Dr. Olive. "What they had we considered terrible before, and what they have now is just totally inadequate."

Seeing this orphanage now empty hits close to home for Dr. Olive. He adopted two Haitians girls from here last year.

"I can't tell you how many hours I spent in here doing magic tricks for the kids," said Dr. Olive.

The home still stands, but is too damaged to live in.

"Taina's room was in the locked area I believe," said Dr. Dave Olive. "Yeah, it's locked."

Dr. Olive brought his son, Alex, with him to see the destruction and where his sisters grew up.

"They had to walk down crazy, small path and a huge hill, terrible conditions especially if it rains or anything like that," said Alex Olive. "All that just to live; it's incredible. It's humbling as well."

The community of Fondwa had relied on the kindness of Family Health Ministries for food programs and operational costs before the earthquake. That will continue as they try to rebuild.

"I would like to thank all of you who come from Wisconsin and I want you to go back with my love to share with everyone in your country," said Sister Mary Carmelle.

Wednesday night on 27 News at 10-- we follow an organization based out of Baraboo. Haiti Medical Mission of Wisconsin has been helping Haiti for more than a decade now. We'll see the miracles local doctors helped to make happen.

And, don't forget, you can continue to be a part of Haiti's rebuilding on Friday from 7pm to 8pm by donating.

It's an one hour live special event: 'Wisconsin's Lifeline to Haiti.' Join me as I follow local doctors and nurses and learn about the amazing work they are doing.

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