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Afghan leader begins 4-day visit to Washington

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Afghan leader Hamid Karzai begins a four-day visit to Washington Monday as tensions between the countries continue to simmer.

Washington has tried sidelining, snubbing and strong-arming Karzai to get him to do more against government corruption. For his part, Karzai has felt undermined and sometimes belittled by Washington.

Karzai and a large delegation of Cabinet ministers will get red carpet treatment Monday. It'll be his widest engagement with U.S. leaders since winning re-election in a flawed vote last year.

The Afghan war and what happens after are key issues.

By most measures, the war remains a stalemate in the key Taliban-allied districts despite claims of progress.

Karzai also believes that Obama's announced date to begin troop withdrawals next summer puts a stopwatch on the war and gives the insurgents moral ammunition.

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