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Father risks life to save infant son

PENRITH, AUSTRALIA (WKOW) -- A father's split-second decision saved the life of his infant son.

Andrew Leach was standing in front of a store with his parents and his young son when a car slammed into them.  Leach grabbed his son just in the nick of time, but he was pinned against the shop's window.        

Thankfully, Leach says the boy came away without a scratch.

"I thought if they hit the back of me, I've got at least a chance of, you know, might break a leg or whatever.  That's fixable," said Leach.  "But if they hit my son, he's not fixable."

Leach suffered a broken leg.  His parents were seriously injured and have since recovered.

The crash happened back in 2008, but the video was just released on an Australian network show.

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