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Teacher found not guilty of abuse charges

GEORGIA (WKOW) -- A Georgia kindergarten teacher on trial for allegedly molesting three young girls was acquitted on all counts Tuesday.

Tonya Craft broke down in tears as twenty-two "not guilty" verdicts were read aloud.

Craft had been accused of molesting her own daughter and two of her young students at sleep overs that took place at her home.

Craft tells ABC, "I thank God, I thank my mom and my dad."

Craft now plans to reunite her family and fight for custody of the daughter who was taken away from her nearly two years ago.

She says, "I would say absolutely it's a warning but also it is, I don't want to say motivation but to stand up and fight and do the right thing period because I was not going to let a system railroad me and hurt these children. So absolutely this could happen as I said to anybody anywhere at anytime. Like that and your entire life is gone, period, it happens that
quick. It comes with the door bell."

The families of the children who testified, and who remain convinced that this happened were devastated by the judge's ruling.

"I can't imagine looking into my child's face and telling her I'm sorry you told the truth and you did what you had to do and you're very brave but the system has failed."

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