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Fighting the goose kill plan at Warner Park

MADISON (WKOW) -- Colleen Burke lives near Warner Park.

She is watching the geese there more closely now that there are plans to kill some of them.

"I'm feeling that its being taken away from us, the people that live here are emotional about their wildlife," she said.

In April, Madison's parks commission approved a plan to kill about 100 of the geese.

It's part of the Dane County Regional Airport's Wildlife Management Plan.

"These geese are not going anywhere but Warner Park because they are so close to the airport they create such a hazard. It's time to explore ways of eliminating this hazard," said airport spokesperson Jennifer Miller.

Airport officials say about ten geese from the park showed up on the runway in recent years.

Burke joined a Facebook group called "No Madison Goose Kill" to get the attention of city leaders.

And it worked.  Another meeting was called because of all the outcry.

"I've gotten calls and e-mail letters from all over the country believe it or not," said parks commissioner Paul Skidmore.

People packed the parks community center Wednesday night including Nathan Phoenix, who created the Facebook group.

He hopes city leaders consider other tactics besides killing the geese.

"Deterrents like things that will scare the geese away, other animals, swans, border collies, other dogs, recorded sounds, firecrackers," he said.

Another idea... destroying goose eggs.

Airport officials agree with those plans after some of the population is destroyed. They say there are too many of them.

"In order for any of those mitigation efforts to work, first you need to get rid of the goose populations and you can start the mitigation efforts," Miller said.

One thing both sides agree on is something needs to be done to control the growing goose population at the park.

That includes making the park less goose friendly by creating buffers between the pond and the grass.

City leaders could decide to stick with the plan to euthanize the geese or vote to reconsider and choose another method of dealing with them.

Stay with WKOW for the decision


MADISON (WKOW) -- A group hopes to kill a plan to kill geese at Warner Park.

The Madison Parks Commission approved the plan in April. The goal is to control the bird population in the park and keep them from showing up at the Dane County Airport which is about 7,500 feet away.

Because of the public outcry, the commission will discuss those plans again tonight.

Nathan Phoenix started a group called No Goose Kill Madison. Its Facebook page already has 1,600 followers. He said they will be at the meeting to try and convince the commissioners to find alternative ways to control the goose population.

Those include using dogs to scare them off, installing noise makers around the park and making the park less attractive to geese by growing out grass in certain areas.

The meeting is at the Warner Park Community Center at 6:30pm.

Brian Rodriguez will be speaking to both sides of this issue.

Tune in to 27 news at 10.

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