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Teacher attacks 13-year-old student in front of class

HOUSTON, TEXAS (WKOW) -- A shocking video of a school beating is caught on tape.

A Houston special education teacher attacks a 13-year-old boy in front of her entire class.

The cell phone video starts with 13-year-old Isaiah Johnson being backed into a corner by his teacher. Isaiah says he thought she was "playing around."

Johnson says, "She started beating on her chest and she threw the desk and kicked the book, and I was frightened."

The slapping, beating and kicking goes on for nearly a minute, and all while, Isaiah says students laughed and other teachers watched.

Johnson says, "The teachers didn't break it up, they were just standing there, and she just stopped, so I got up, and then I looking around and then I left."

It happened at a Houston charter school for students with disciplinary problems.

Isaiah says it started when the teacher, Sherri Davis, 40, saw him and some classmates mimic the way a mentally handicapped girl danced.

Johnson's mother says, "There is nothing they can say, a grown-up beating on a child is not right."

Johnson's mother is furious. She says she only found out about the incident after a neighbor showed her the cell phone video.

"It's horrifying, he had bruises on his side where she was kicking him, Johnson's mother said. "He had a knot on his head and he had a black eye."

School violence is on the rise. More than 12 percent of high school students reported being part of fights on school grounds and one in six teachers say they've been the victim of violence.

But there are no statistics on violence by teachers.

Johnson's school officials says "there is no excuse for a teacher to behave this way with a child."

Davis has been fired. Police are now investigating.

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