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Opponents of raw milk rally; Doyle says he's listening

MADISON (WKOW) -- Opponents of a bill that would allow on-site sales of raw milk call on Gov. Jim Doyle to kill the measure with his veto pen - and he says he's listening.

Opponents of the bill, which easily passed the Legislature last month, have been emboldened by Doyle's apparent skepticism of the plan.

"The thought of raw milk gives me the shivers sometimes because what it might do to the industry,"said Bob Topel, a dairy farmer from Waterloo and one of half a dozen speakers at the Capitol this morning.

"We were actually flabbergasted that this came up," said Dr. Paul Wertsch, a member of the Wisconsin Medical Society. "The science about the dangers of raw milk is well known."

Doyle has until Thursday to act on it or allow it to become law without his signature. If he vetoes the measure, Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker would have to decide whether to bring the Senate back for a veto session. If that happens, a two-thirds majority is necessary to override the veto. It would then go to the Assembly, which would also need to muster a two-thirds majority.

A non-budget veto hasn't been overridden since 1981, when Lee Sherman Dreyfus was governor.

Those gathering Friday to urge a veto included representatives of the state's Dairy Business Association, Cheese Makers Association, Farm Bureau and Medical Society.

Supporters say unpasteurized milk is safe, more nutritious and tastes better than milk sold in stores.

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