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UPDATE: Atlantis docked at Space Station

INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (WKOW) -- Two astronauts are out space walking at the International Space Station.

Garrett Reisman and Stephen Bowen ventured outside Monday morning to install a spare antenna on the space station. The visiting Atlantis crewmen also will hook up a storage platform and loosen the bolts on batteries that will be replaced on the following two space walks.

NASA may add an extra chore to the second or third space walk. A cable is snagged at the end of the shuttle's inspection boom. Managers say it should be a quick and easy job to free it. The problem prevented a proper inspection of Atlantis over the weekend.

Atlantis arrived at the space station Sunday. It's the last flight of Atlantis as the shuttle program winds down.


INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (WKOW)--  The space shuttle Atlantis docked Sunday with the International Space Station.

The shuttle and its six-member crew will spend six days at the station.  

Before docking, the shuttle did a back flip to allow all of its surfaces to be photographed from the station.

This week's mission is the 32nd for Atlantis and its last scheduled flight as the U.S. Space Agency prepares to retire its aging fleet.





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