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Decker says DNR action "unbelievable"

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MADISON (WKOW) -- There's a fight brewing over baby animals, pitting Wisconsin's Senate Majority Leader against the Department of Natural Resources.

Sen. Russ Decker, (D) Wausau, says a partnership between DNR and the Humane Society of the United States is inappropriate because the Humane Society opposes hunting.

"It is unbelievable that the DNR is teaming up with a group that is opposed to hunting, fishing and trapping," Decker said.

And state Sen. Neal Kedzie, (R) Elkhorn, said, "This group was able to penetrate and infiltrate the very agency, the DNR, that is supposed to uphold our constitutional right to hunt, fish and trap."

DNR has teamed up with the Humane Society to produce two public-service radio announcements that urge listeners to avoid touching or taking home baby wild animals. Both groups spent $6,000 on the ads, which run through June 13.

"I think it shows the true colors of what DNR's become," Decker said. "They're an agency run by staff. The secretary has his head in the sand, and the DNR board has its head in the clouds."

But the department's chief warden disagreed. He said DNR has worked with the Humane Society in the past and that in this case the groups' missions overlapped.

"We're never going to lose our focus on being the primary advocate for hunting and trapping in this state," Randy Stark said.

Stark says the real question is whether DNR is forbidden from working with groups it disagrees with.

"I think if the answer to that is yes there's a lot of people we can't work with in this state," he said.

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