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Janesville could get millions in federal dollars to cleanup GM plant site

WASHINGTON (WKOW) --  The Federal government may pick up the tab for the clean-up of 90 former General Motors plants, including the one in Janesville.

The Obama Administration is proposing the creation of a trust fund of more than $800 million.

In Youngstown, Ohio Tuesday, President Barack Obama called the trust a "landmark agreement to help dozens of communities like Youngstown revitalize and redevelop old, shuttered GM facilities, preparing them for new industries, new jobs and new opportunity."

Ed Montgomery, who leads the White House Council on Automotive Communities and Workers,  said the fund represents the largest environmental and economic development effort for former manufacturing sites.

The money would be used to help raze or rehabilitate vacant manufacturing facilities and offices left barren by GM's government-led bankruptcy last year.  $536 million would go toward the cleanup of properties and about $300 million to help states and communities pay for property taxes, demolition costs, plant security and other expenses.  The funding comes from $1.2 billion provided by the Treasury Department to wind down the "bad" assets of GM set aside in the company's bankruptcy.

The administration plans to work with states to finalize the plan and will present the framework of the cleanup to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York for approval.

General Motors received $50 billion in government aid to get through its bankruptcy last year. GM has repaid $6.7 billion that the government considered loans, with the remaining $43.3 billion converted to a 61 percent stake in the automaker.

GM said Monday that its net income rose to $865 million in the first quarter.

The 90 sites are in 14 states.  More than half of them are in Michigan.  The full list is below.

Motors Liquidation Company

Owned Properties Included in Environmental Response Trust

Count State Site

1 Delaware GMNA Car - Wilmington

2 Illinois GMPT - Danville Landfill

3 Indiana 1-Acre Fire Suppression Lot

4 Indiana Allison Gas Turbines

5 Indiana Bedford Town Sites (60 Properties)

6 Indiana Delphi I - Anderson/Monroe

7 Indiana Former GM Delco Plant 5

8 Indiana Manual Transmission of Muncie

9 Indiana Metal Fab - Indianapolis

10 Indiana Venture 2000 Property

11 Kansas Fairfax I Plant

12 Kansas Fairfax Parking Lot

13 Louisiana GMVM - Shreveport Assembly (exclude Stamping)

14 Massachusetts MCD - Framingham Landfill

15 Michigan 1394 Oak Hollow (residence)

16 Michigan 1831 Grondinwood (residence)

17 Michigan 607 Meadow Drive

18 Michigan 631 Meadow Drive

19 Michigan 642 Meadow Drive

20 Michigan 652 Meadow Drive

21 Michigan 6560 Cass Ave/GMNA New Center Complex

22 Michigan ACC - Penske site

23 Michigan Centerpoint Land (Etkin ground lease)

24 Michigan Centerpoint Land (no Etkin ground lease)

25 Michigan Chevrolet-Pontiac-Canada Pontiac Fiero Assembly Plant

26 Michigan Davison Road Land

27 Michigan Delphi C - Livonia Groundwater

28 Michigan Delphi I - Coldwater Rd. (Landfill)

29 Michigan Delphia C Livonia Coil & Bumper

30 Michigan Delta Engine Plant

31 Michigan Dort Highway Land

32 Michigan Employee Development Center

33 Michigan Fiero site (Powerhouse)

34 Michigan Flint Flowthrough Warehouse

35 Michigan Flint West - Flint River (Bluff Street)

36 Michigan Former Howard W/H - vacant land

37 Michigan GLTC

38 Michigan GLTC land (Atherton Landfill/Die Lot Parking)

39 Michigan GMNA - Buick City

40 Michigan GMNA Car - Lansing 2

41 Michigan GMNA Car - Lansing 3

42 Michigan GMNA Car (Fisher Body) - Lansing

43 Michigan GMPT - Flint North #5/#10/#81

44 Michigan GMPT - Livonia

45 Michigan GMPT - Willow Run

46 Michigan GMPT Bay City

47 Michigan GMPT Saginaw Malleable

48 Michigan GMVM - Pontiac Assembly

49 Michigan Greenpoint Landfill

50 Michigan Hemphill lot

51 Michigan Land along Stanley Road

52 Michigan Linden Road Landfill

53 Michigan Lot 8 - 6241 Cass Avenue at Amsterdam Ave.

54 Michigan Midsize & Luxury Car - Willow Run

55 Michigan Midsize &Lux Car Clark Street

56 Michigan PCC Validation Southern Parking Lot

57 Michigan PCC-Validation

58 Michigan Peregrine - Coldwater Rd. (plant)

59 Michigan Pontiac Centerpoint Campus - Central

60 Michigan Pontiac Centerpoint Campus - East

61 Michigan Pontiac Centerpoint Campus - West

62 Michigan Pontiac North

63 Michigan Powertrain - Romulus Engineering Center

64 Michigan Saginaw Nodular Iron (PIMS297)

65 Michigan Saginaw PLt 2 Landfill

66 Michigan Stamping - Grand Rapids

67 Michigan Textile Road Land

68 Michigan Vacant Land (76 acres)

69 Michigan Vacant Land South of Van Born (68 acres)

70 Michigan Willow Run Engineering Center

71 Michigan Windiate Park Lots

72 Missouri Former Leed's Assembly Plant - northern parcel

73 Missouri Former Leed's Assembly Plant - southern parcel

74 New Jersey Delphi Interior & Lighting Systems - Trenton

75 New Jersey Hyatt Clark Industries

76 New York GM-IFG Syracuse

77 New York Ley Creek PCB Dredging Site

78 New York Massena

79 New York Tonawanda Engin Landfill

80 Ohio Delphi Harrison - Moraine

81 Ohio Delphi Interior - Elyria

82 Ohio GMPT - Parma Complex

83 Ohio GMPT - Toledo 103C Landfill

84 Ohio Lordstown Excess Land

85 Ohio Moraine Assembly

86 Ohio Moraine Lagoon

87 Ohio Stamping - Mansfield

88 Pennsylvania Metal Fab - Pittsburgh

89 Virginia GMPT - Fredericksburg

90 Wisconsin Janesville Training Center

Motors Liquidation Company

Owned Properties Included in Environmental Response Trust

Count State Site

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