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What to bring

Please support Rhythm & Booms by purchasing food and beverages at our volunteer-run food courts, beer gardens, and vendors. Carry-in alcohol is prohibited.

According to organizers, proceeds from Rhythm & Booms, after expenses, support Madison area children's charities, so your patronage at our event benefits worthy organizations.

Remember to bring these items with you:
* Trash bag - please bag up your garbage; it is much appreciated
* Blanket/tarp (Please do not place blankets or tarps in Warner Park in advance of the event - any blankets or tarps placed before dawn on event day will be removed. Also, please DO NOT use metal stakes or rocks to secure your tarp. Thank you)
* Sunscreen
* Sun Glasses
* Sun Hat/Visor
* Medication that you will need
* Playing cards/games
* Mosquito repellant
* Flashlight
* Radio - tuned to WOLX 94.9 FM
* Spare batteries for your radio!


Please leave these items at home
* Fireworks/Sparklers
* Pets
* Carry-in alcohol
* Open flame/outdoor grills (charcoal, propane, etc.)
- City of Madison General Ordinance, Sec. 34.28(3) states:
(b) No person shall kindle a fire upon the land of another without permission of the owner thereof or his agent.
(c) The Chief may prohibit any outdoor fires when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fires hazardous, and during such prohibition no person shall start or maintain or permit the starting or maintaining of any such fire.
- Carries a forfeiture of up to $99.50

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