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Tanker leaks liquid nitrogen solution on Rock County highway

TOWN OF CLINTON (WKOW) -- A tanker truck leaked nearly 200 gallons of liquid nitrogen solution on a Rock County highway Wednesday.

Someone saw the DeLong Corporation 3200-gallon tanker truck heading south on Highway 140 Wednesday afternoon and noticed a substance leaking from it.  They called the company, who contacted the driver and told him to check it out.

The driver found the valve on the tank had vibrated open and the coupler fell off, which in turn, caused the leak.

The tanker was carrying 650 gallons of 28% liquid nitrogen solution, and about 175 gallons spilled out. Work crews from DeLong, along with personnel from the Clinton Fire Department worked to clean up the spill, which spanned approximately 2.5 miles in the southbound lane of traffic between E. CTH P and E. Stateline Road.

The cleanup lasted about three hours and southbound traffic was rerouted around the area of the spill. No accidents or injuries were reported.

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