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UPDATE: One dead in natural gas explosion in Texas

 CLEBURNE, Texas (AP) -- An emergency management official says a missing utility worker has been found dead several hours after a natural gas line erupted in north Texas.

Officials say utility workers accidentally hit the line near Cleburne on Monday, sending a massive fireball into the air.

Thirteen other workers had been accounted for. Some of them were injured and were taken to hospitals.

Authorities had to wait hours to walk through the area to look for the missing worker. They first had to make sure the fire was out and there was no danger.

Hood County Emergency Management Coordinator Brian Fine says the worker's body was found some distance from the blast site. The man's name was not immediately


CLEBURNE, Texas (AP) -- Officials now say they don't know if anyone was killed when a natural gas line exploded in a rural area south of Dallas.

Cleburne City Manager Chester Nolen initially told The Associated Press that at least three people were dead. But after fire officials and the gas line operator extinguished the fire, he said they were unsure if anyone was killed.

The fire spewed towering flames into the air for about two hours, preventing rescuers from determining how many people may have been killed or injured.

Nolen says workers apparently hit the underground line about 50 miles south of Dallas while digging on Monday. He says the heat was "unbearable," even 300 yards from the flames. A column of gray smoke was visible miles away.


CLEBURNE, Texas (WKOW) -- Officials in Texas say three people are dead and at least 10 more are missing after a gas line exploded in north Texas.

Johnson County Emergency Management Coordinator Jack Snow tells The Associated Press about six people were transported to hospitals. He says officials believe the gas line was struck with a digging machine.

Residents in a nearby city say the explosion made a "huge rumbling" for about 10 minutes and sounded like a tornado even from eight miles away.

Cleburne is about 50 miles southwest of Dallas.


JOHNSON COUNTY, TEXAS (WKOW) -- An oil well has exploded in Johnson County, according to reports.

Massive flames and a huge plume of smoke can be seen in the area, according to our ABC affiliate in Johnson County.

The Cleburne fire chief says six people have been injured.

"About 2:40 p.m., we heard a loud explosion, rumbling, almost like a tornado. It shook our entire house. The plume of smoke that came out or steam is heading this way, the wind is blowing it right over our house. We are trying to work out whether it is something we need to evacuate or not," said Laura Harlin in Johnson County.

"We don't really smell anything at this point. It sounds like faraway thunder at this point," she added.

At 3:15 p.m., she said she could still hear the rumbling.

Witness Tracey Mann said there is a large gas facility in the area.

Picture courtesy: WFAA, ABC affiliate in Texas

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