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Thousands of nurses go on strike in Minnesota


MINNEAPOLIS (WKOW) -- Thousands of Minnesota nurses are heading back to work after a one-day strike still without a contract.

But the Minnesota Nurses Association believes it sent its message with the strike that was ending Friday morning. Spokesman John Nemo says the strike by 12,000 nurses caused maximum disruption to 14 hospitals and minimum harm to patients.

Because many hospitals reduced their patient counts before the strike, some nurses won't be back at work right away.

Nemo says the union hopes the strike will prompt the hospitals to come back to the bargaining table. The hospitals say they're willing to discuss staffing levels, though no new talks are scheduled.


MINNEAPOLIS (WKOW) -- Thousands of nurses are walking off their jobs Thursday.

The one day strike comes after failed attempts to negotiate staffing levels and pension plans.

Some 12,000 nurses began a one-day strike this morning at 14 hospitals in the Twin Cities area.

It's described as the largest nurses strike in the nation's history.

The nurses have been demanding strict ratios of nurses to patients -- a demand hospitals say is inflexible and unnecessary.

According to a cardiology nurse at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, the nurses' top concern is patient safety.

The impact of the strike is expected to be minimal. Hospitals hired 2,800 replacement nurses, and called in extra non-unionized staff. Some hospitals have postponed elective surgery.

And at midday today, hospital officials said they were having no problems with patient care.


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