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Girl rescued in Oklahoma flooding


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (WKOW) -- An extraordinary rescue in the floodwaters of Oklahoma. Raquel Dawson, 17, waded into the flood to help a stranded motorist and got swept away, clinging to a tree for dear life as the first rescue boat sent to save her capsized.

A news chopper covering the floods spotted the terrible sight -- the 17-year-old girl hanging on to a tree near a street sign amidst 6 feet of water. All they can do is watch from the air as she desperately tries to swim against the swift current.

She lost her grip and then struggles not to be swept downstream, for a moment it looks as if she is getting pulled under.

She manages to reach a tree and hoists herself above water, hanging for dear life to await rescue.

As a thunder and lightening storm rolls in a rescue team is deployed to save her. The boat overturned, sending both Dawson and the rescue team into the water. Another rescue boat comes and finally the 6 rescuers and the teenager find a clear path to dry land, where the girl walks off into an awaiting helicopter.



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