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Grandparents face anniversary of granddaughter's death; daughter in jail


Tuesday marks two years since George and Cindy Anthony last saw their granddaughter Caylee alive.

Since then, Caylee's body was discovered near their home, their own daughter charged with murder and they have been caught in the crosshairs of a public feeding frenzy. George and Cindy sat down with ABC's Ashleigh Banfield on this solemn anniversary.

"The last two years have been just unbearable, Georga Anthony said. "To think about the last time we saw Caylee and Casey together, hear her voice, to see her little eyes and get a hug and a kiss from her. It's not easy. It's not easy."

She is the face of thousands of headlines. Two-year-old Cayle Anthony as her grandparents grieve, their daughter, case, is in solitary lockup, facing the death penalty for murder. George and Cindy wear jewelry in tribute to Caylee.

They even got tattoos.

"It just means so, so much to me.  Like when people like pledge allegiance or something' like that.  Even when I do that or I put my hand of my heart, I'm like, "Ah man.  She's here with me," George said.

Their story made news with a now infamous 911 call Cindy made when Caylee went missing.

"I found my daughter's car today and it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car," Cindy said in the 911 call.

But despite that call, Cindy insists she only mentioned a body to get police out quicker.

The Anthony's believe their daughter is innocent and say investigators have tried to paint her as a monster.

"I think they were frustrated with Casey because I was told by the investigators the first night that they took her that they were gonna break her in 24 to 48 hours.  And they didn't break her, and they haven't broken her because there's nothing to break," Cindy said. "I can understand their suspicion but there's still nothing that proves that Casey did anything, except lie to them about her work and things like that."

Cindy told ABC, "A liar doesn't make you a murderer."

Last February, jailers released dozens of letters that Casey exchanged with another inmate. In them, accusations of sexual abuse by Casey's father and her brother, Lee.

The Anthony's deny the accusations and say that the inmate was a plant who lured false information.

But say, "I'm still gonna be there for my daughter.  That's unconditional love."

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