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Cleaning up after the storms in Cross Plains


CROSS PLAINS (WKOW ) -- The sounds of cleanup around town: Wood chippers and chain saws making quick work of fallen trees.

Around back, Rosemary Lange surveys the damage. Thirty years ago, she and her husband transplanted the maple that fell on their home. Dan watched it go down.

Rosemary Lange says, "The first branches just flew over to the neighbor and then he said, here's it comes. Look out. And it came right through the house."

The glass is all over the dining room. But everyone is okay. And Cross Plains is a community in action. Scores of neighbors came out to help. Most Rosemary knew; many others she did not.

"How do I feel? Happy about everyone who's helped. They were wonderful. So I don't know. It'll be okay!" says Rosemary.

At St. Francis Xavier Church, Sister John Mary Acker marvels at the 150-year-old tree that's down. It's definitely a picture for the archives. Father Tom Kelley feels fortunate and ready to get to work.

Father Tom Kelley says "We're just trying to get the word out that now is the time to clean up."

Marty State was upstairs, the television was out, and he could tell there's been a shift in the weather. "We were coming down from the living room to see out back and all I could see was branches going everywhere and I said, 'Keep going.' She said, 'I need my purse,' and I said, 'Forget the purse!' And in no time it was over."

The 2-foot hole in Marty's roof is easy to fix. Clean up is just some elbow grease. Marty and everyone else saying it could have been much, much worse.


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