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Local Jefferson Award winner gets national recognition


WASHINGTON, D.C. (WKOW) -- A Madison woman received national recognition in Washington, D.C. Tuesday night.

Jackie Millar received what is known as the 'Nobel prize' for public service. Millar was one of five people honored with the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis award. It is given to 'unsung heroes' for their extraordinary and selfless volunteer work in their community.

Millar joined politicians and athletes who received the award. A total of 15 people were honored. WKOW brought the Jefferson Awards to the Madison area last July. We wanted honor people making a difference and going above and beyond in our communities.

We featured Millar last November on the 14th anniversary of the day that changed her life. Millar was at the end of a gun and a teen's bad choice. Now she's been on a path of restorative justice.

Diana Henry once again brings us Jackie Millar's story of forgiveness, love and choices.

Click on the video icon to hear her story.

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