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Lots of parking for Rhythm & Booms


MADISON (WKOW) -- On July 2, Madison's annual Rhythm & Booms will be in full swing. But where's the best place to park when you get there?

It's the largest single-day event in Wisconsin. And like all big events, parking is at the top of people's worries.

"The parking and the traffic [are] always a major concern."

Randy Rice, a volunteer for the festival, says a great option is parking at Madison College just down the road. It cost $5 per car and $5 for the shuttle. Kids under age 4 ride for free.

"We run shuttle bus service back and forth to the park all through the afternoon and after the event," Rice said. "It's virtually a continuous service that they have."

Another option is to park at the Dane County Regional Airport for $6. From there you can walk to the festival, about a mile away.

If you want to park even closer there's the Northside Town Shopping Center just across the street which cost $20.

"I don't think it's really a problem."

Deb McCue, a Rhythm & Booms organizer, says you can also park in the surrounding neighborhoods. But she says you should always park on the same side of the festival grounds as the direction you'll be going home. For example, if you're going home to Middleton park on the west side of the park.

"We have seen over the last few years that traffic is moving quite smoothly, and there are traffic officers at multiple intersections around the area," she said.

And don't forget the Metro option, because there will be extra buses running. And, of course, you can also ride your bike and park for free.

As always, the main piece of advice is to be patient.

"It's a big crowd," McCue said. "We're expecting 200,000 to 250,000 people here, and so that's a lot of cars and a lot of vehicles that have to actually leave the area.

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