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Digital mammography goes mobile

MADISON (WKOW) -- It's a half a million dollar truck that's outfitted with the latest equipment to fight breast cancer. And it was created by companies here in the Midwest.

State of the art and mobile, it's a new tool in the fight against breast cancer. A truck that delivers digital mammography. "It's actually a rolling clinic!"

30 feet by 10, it has everything a clinic would need. A reception area. Two dressing rooms. And the machines to make a digital mammogram possible.

Pictures are transmitted digitally to a radiologist. It's fast, convenient, with better images than traditional film. And for a clinic on wheels, it's comfortable. 

"Women many times may associate the mobile unit with lesser quality of service or a less friendly environment or patient care. So we were very sensitive to the environmental design as well as patient flow," says Maureen Kenney, a Regional Vice President for Shared Medical Services.

Clinics and hospitals will share the cost, so each facility doesn't have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the same equipment.

Technicians spent last week training. They all work near Minneapolis, Minnesota, where two trucks will debut for Fairview Health. Sam Marwig says they're all excited to be delivering healthcare, on wheels, six days each week. 

"It's a full time job We get to go to places that can't afford to do it on their own. And we need to give women the chance to get their exams," says Sam.

Maureen adds, "Anytime we can take women's healthcare - mammography service in particular - out to areas where women can not readily have access to get their annual mammogram completed, helps fight breast cancer."

The truck is a product of the Midwest: A collaboration between GE Healthcare of Waukesha, Oshkosh of Illinois, and Shared Medical Services of Cottage Grove.

The mobile digital mammography system will debut in Minnesota on Thursday.

Shared Medical Services is currently working with a health system in here Wisconsin to be able to deliver the same mobile technology.


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