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Teagan Marti, injured in Dells accident, making steady progress


MADISON (WKOW) -- The 12 year old girl critically injured from an amusement ride in the Wisconsin Dells is making steady progress, according to her family members.

Teagan Marti plunged 100 feet from a free-fall ride at Extreme World in the Dells.

Her older sister, Alexandra, keeps a health blog about her sister.

Here's the latest entry from Friday:

"I just wanted to check in and give you all the most recent update that I have. The doctors have been weaning Teagan off a lot of the medication in order for her to pass the breathing and swallowing tests. They said she will likely be extubated on Monday, which is good, to hopefully give her enough time to pass the tests and breathe on her own. They have lowered the respirator another level below to help her even less, forcing her to breathe on her own a lot more.

She still has phenomena in her right lung, but that is improving as well.

I actually just talked to Taylor who is with Teagan right now and she said she is a lot more awake and mouthing her words a little more clearly. I told Tay to say I love you and give Teagan a kiss for me and Teagan was able to mouth back that she loved me as well (all good signs). She still has great movement in her left hand, a little in her right hand, and extremely small movement in the toes. She can feel both feet and both hands, although they made sure we were aware that moving and feeling are two very different things but I'll take it at this point!

The nurses sat her up again today and she was able to sit comfortably and watch TV for a little while, which is great to keep her blood flowing and hopefully ease her frustrations a little.

That is pretty much all I have right now, I will try calling again this evening to find out more.

Although the improvements aren't moving at as fast of a pace as they were before, we are in a much better place than I ever could have imagined and it only gives me more hope for her future. Thank you all so much for your continued thoughts and prayers. We love you all."

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