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Teagan Marti's mom describes thrill ride accident scene


MADISON (WKOW) -- Family and doctors of Teagan Marti are holding a news conference to give an update on Teagan's condition.

Her mom, Julie Marti says, "it's a miracle she's alive."

Marti says Teagan has always been quite. She's a National Junior Honor Society student, she's a tomboy, and an adventurer.

Marti says Teagan knows there was an accident, "she asked me what happened on Terminal Velocity. I told her they didn't catch her."

Her mom says Teagan had seen the thrill ride on the Travel Channel. They came to Wisconsin Dells on a vacation from Florida and that's one thing she wanted to do while she was here. Her mother says on the Travel Channel, the operator said how safe it was.

During the news conference, Julie Marti described the scene of the accident. "She was bleeding out of her ears and mouth and nose." She said her eyes rolled back in her head and she was turning purple. Julie said she ran up to her daughter and said, "It's your mommy, stay with me." She began doing CPR. "Then my husband came, I thought that she was dead."

"I'm so glad she's alive and I'm so glad this facility is here."

Marti says, "It has been very difficult on the whole family."

The family's lawyer says they are suing Extreme World for not having a fail-safe device on the ride.

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