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Teagan Marti's family sees small signs of improvement


By Jamie Hersch - bio | email | Twitter | Facebook

MADISON (WKOW) -- Friday marked three weeks since 12-year-old Teagan Marti fell 100 feet on a Wisconsin Dells thrill ride and landed on her back. Her mother, Julie Marti, saw the whole thing and relived that awful day as she spoke out publicly for the first time on Friday.

"Her eyes were rolling back in her head and her lips were turning purple... I couldn't feel a pulse and I said, 'Teagan, it's Mommy, stay with me,' and I started CPR on her," said Marti.

Marti will never forget the moment her daughter Teagan hit the ground on July 30th.

Now, her life is defined by other moments: a squeeze of her hand or a blink of her eye.

"She communicates through blinking her eyes. One blink means yes. If she doesn't blink, it means no," said Marti.

Teagan remains in critical condition. She has had more surgeries than her mother can count and she is still breathing out of a tube.

Despite the small amount of progress, her family is trying to stay positive.

"The fact that she doesn't have a major brain injury and can communicate at all is a miracle. It's a miracle she's alive," said Marti.

Marti describes her daughter as a straight-A honors student, a tomboy who loved adventure and wanted to ride Terminal Velocity after seeing it on the Travel Channel.

Marti has spent nearly every night sleeping in Teagan's hospital room, looking for the slightest sign of recovery.

"Any little sign, I take as a miracle. We don't know what her deficits are going to be, we don't know if she'll be paralyzed... we just don't know. We take one day at a time," said Marti.

The Marti family lives in Florida. They hope Teagan will stabilize and they'll be able to transfer her closer to home soon.

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