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Classes canceled as crews clean up mold at Middleton middle school


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MIDDLETON (WKOW) -- The first day of classes at Kromrey Middle School was pushed back by almost a week because of mold found in parts of the building.

The McCarthy family has three kids that were suppose to start school. But ask 8th grader Katherine and her twin siblings, 6th graders Mary and William, they don't mind.

"I was really happy because I was not ready for summer to end," Katherine McCarthy said.

Their mom Valerie on the other hand is a different story. She got word of the problem from both phone calls and email from the school and did what any concerned mom would.

"I wanted to know! They give you the type of mold, I looked it up. It's not the black mold that is going to close the school for a long time," Valerie McCarthy said.

"This is not a toxic mold, it's an allergen," said Middleton-Cross Plains School District Superintendent Don Johnson.

He says the problem areas were rooms that had no air conditioning and it was most likely caused by all the rainy humid weather we've had.

Although this kind of mold may only cause "hay fever" like reactions for some, the school district is playing it safe.

"If you got an asthmatic condition, it could be serious. We're not taking any chances with that," Johnson said.

Cleaning crews will spend the rest of the week at Kromrey focusing on both the north and south wings of the school.

"We'll be cleaning all surfaces, meaning floors, walls, ceilings, furniture and in some cases, books," Johnson said.

Johnson said they may have to replace some furniture and that money will have to come out of the districts budget.

For now, the McCarthys will enjoy the extended vacation, but don't want it to last for too long.

"Temporary. Not like forever," Katherine McCarthy said.

Valerie McCarthy said she has concerns with make up days. The district does not know if it will add extra hours or have actual make up days. It said parents will be notified as soon as possible.

Consultants to the school say at least 40 other schools in southern Wisconsin had the same kind of mold problem.

Johnson said the another round of tests will be conducted after clean up on Friday and should have tests results back by Saturday.

Middleton-Cross Plains hopes to start school at Kromrey on Tuesday.

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