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Ohio newborn can't wait to enter the world!


BETHEL, Ohio (WKOW) --  Some babies just can't wait to enter the world. An Ohio baby was born just as her mother was being pulled up to the front of the hospital. The most amazing thing is, this is the second time this has happened to mom, Christina Schuler.

Christina Schuler's 8-pound, 11-ounce son was born Tuesday in the front seat of the family's pickup truck. Her husband pulled over less than a mile from their hospital in southwest Ohio's Clermont County.

The woman from Bethel says, her labor was even shorter than it was in December 2006, when she gave birth to her son, Ethan, in a car.

The Schulers also have one other child. The father, Nathan Schuler, says if the couple has any more children, they'll have to leave for the hospital a lot earlier.

They haven't decided on a name yet for the new baby.

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