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Pastor: Congregation still plans to burn Quran

Pastor Terry Jones / Courtesy: ABC Pastor Terry Jones / Courtesy: ABC

NEW YORK (WKOW) -- Pastor Terry Jones says his tiny Florida congregation still plans to burn the Quran this weekend on the ninth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, though the number of political and world leaders condemning his efforts is growing.

The FBI is also concerned about a violent response to the Christian pastor's actions, saying retaliation for the Quran burning is likely.

The State Department has ordered U.S. embassies to assess their security if Jones goes ahead with his plan.

President Obama told ABC News that the planned Quran burning could be "a recruitment bonanza for Al Qaeda."

The leader of the proposed New York Islamic center which apparently touched off a wave of anti-Muslim sentiment, told CNN that he plans to go ahead with plans to locate the facility 2 blocks from Ground Zero. He says changing now would be seen as giving in to radicals.

A new ABC-Washington Post poll shows 26-percent of Americans admit feelings of prejudice against Muslims. Just over half see Islam as a peaceful religion.

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