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Self-inflicted acid attack


VANCOUVER, WA (WKOW)--A woman who said another person attacked her with acid now says she poured the chemical on herself.

Police in Vancouver, Washington say Bethany Storro could be charged with filing a false report, though that's up to local prosecutors.

They also say they're working on a way to return any money that was donated to a woman who now admits throwing acid in her own face.

The story of a stranger throwing acid in Storro's face last month drew worldwide sympathy. Facebook groups were formed to draw attention to Storro's plight.

But police say parts of the story didn't add up, leading them to search Storro's house yesterday. That's when they say she admitted the disfiguring attack was self-inflicted.

Police haven't determined a motive for Storro's actions, but say she is "very remorseful."

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