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27 NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Live interview with A.G. J.B. Van Hollen on Kratz case


MADISON (WKOW) -- Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen answered questions regarding the Ken Kratz sexting allegations.

"It was a very big priority before as a matter of fact we had dozens of people within the DOJ working on these allegations," said Van Hollen. "We did everything we could to make sure he was removed from the case and we could take it over. We made sure he was taken off the Crime Victims Rights board, something he was very hesitant to do. Then to force him to report himself to the OLR is a big move. That is a government body that exists solely for the discipline of attorneys. That is the appropriate place that should have looked into these actions. I was extremely disappointed to hear they hadn't."

The Department of Justice wants the Office of Lawyer Regulation, OLR,  to review its investigation into Kratz.

OLR closed the case without taking any action saying Kratz's behavior was inappropriate but didn't violate any rules.  

"People have every cause to be outraged but one thing they need to focus on is they are not being re offended by the system," said Van Hollen.  "They are being re offended by one individual within the system. Ken Kratz does not adequately or even come close to representing district attorneys, assistant district attorneys, attorney general, assistant attorney general through out the state. Our system cares deeply about victims and will continue to which is why we are doing everything in our power as a government to make sure we can get Ken Kratz out of office."

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen says his department will act as prosecutor in an upcoming hearing to decide if Kratz should be removed from office.

"We have to remember that's the whole point of the criminal justice system: to prevent victimization and to protect those people have been made victims," said Van Hollen.  "The system does do a very good job of it. We can't let one bad actor make everybody look bad. Crime victims, if I can tell them one thing is that they still have to feel comfortable going to law enforcement and trust that they are going to be handled appropriately.

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