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Third victim hopes District Attorney will step down

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CALUMET COUNTY (WKOW) -- New accusations Tuesday in a sexting scandal involving a Wisconsin District Attorney.

Three victims, possibly four, have come forward with harassment allegations against Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz.

Ken Kratz admitted to sending 30 inappropriate text messages to a domestic abuse victim last year: this as he was prosecuting her ex-boyfriend for trying to strangle her.

Tuesday, the Journal Sentinel reported that victim's lawyer is now investigating similar allegations from yet another victim.

That's in addition to another woman who came forward Monday, saying Kratz offered to take her to an autopsy, provided she wore high heels and acted as his girlfriend.

The latest woman to come forward is 31-year-old Oklahoma law student Maria Ruskiewicz.

Ruskiewicz says Kratz sent her sexual text messages in 2008.

She says she was seeking a pardon for a past drug conviction in Wisconsin and that Kratz supported her.

She says Kratz then gave her his cell phone number and she'd texted him to thank him.

Ruskiewicz says, "What I consider a huge mistake today was that I had texted him, hoping I would gain a network, you know, thank you for your support again."

But that's not what she says she received.

Ruskiewicz says, "It was after that he started sending me sexual text messages.. 'Me and my family are in Traverse City, what are you going to do to please me in between the sheets.'"

She says she sought advice from family, even an Associate Dean at her law school.

Ruskiewicz says, "I thought that he would sandbag me. I thought he would say, 'Well she didn't please me, so therefore, I'm gonna say you know what, I've decided not to support her.'"

She decided not to respond, and eventually the messages stopped. But Ruskiewicz says she's now come forward to ask the district attorney to stop, saying, "I'd like to say, Ken Kratz, do what's right. Step down. You've abused your power too long, and the time has come."

Kratz is out currently on medical leave; he says he won't resign.

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