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Domestic abuse influences women to ask Gov. to remove D.A.


MADISON (WKOW) -- Two women say domestic violence influenced them to ask the Governor to remove a Calumet County District Attorney.

Ken Kratz admitted to sending sexually driven text messages to a domestic abuse victim.

Heather Severson of Appleton was one of the women who sent a legal letter to Governor Doyle. Her friend, Tracy Judd, was a victim of domestic violence.

Judd and her toddler Deja were killed by Judd's boyfriend Tyrone Adair in Madison last year.

"I look at her picture everyday and it drives me forward in a case like this, it needed to be done," Severson said.

Calumet County Pastor Kathleen Gloff also joined the fight to kick Kratz out. Gloff works with domestic abuse victims.

"I felt I would be the person to do it, because I worked with these issues as a volunteer for 8 or 9 years," Gloff said.

Gloff and Severson wrote verified complaints listing facts about Kratz's sexual advances on his alleged victims and reasons to remove him.

"These allegations have been made I believe are allegations that call for this process to start," said Governor Jim Doyle.

Its because of the two complaints that his office can move forward with Kratz's removal.

He appointed former Kenosha County District Attorney Bob Jambois as commissioner. Jambois will investigate the allegations against Kratz and set up a public hearing.

The information from that hearing will be given to Doyle and it will be up to the Governor whether to remove Kratz from office.

The lawyer of the first woman Kratz sent sexual text messages to said that she would be willing to testify at Kratz's hearing, but only if the state really needed her as a witness.

A date for the hearing has not yet been set.

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