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Victim's lawyer says she'll testify if needed


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MADISON (WKOW) -- The attorney for the 26-year-old woman in the middle of the Kratz controversy speaks out.

In his first television interview in Madison, Michael Fox says his client will do whatever she can to have Kratz booted from office - including testifying at his hearing.

The victim in this case consulted a lawyer near her home. But he referred the case to Fox, who today says there isn't anything the government can do for his client to undo the wrong.

"I guess she's trying to keep out of the crossfire at this point," Michael Fox said.

Fox says his client is trying to resume a normal life, though she gets phone calls every day asking for interviews. That's one of the reasons, he says, that the Office of Lawyer Regulation can't help her anymore.

"They can't recapture the moment a year ago where nothing was done and which eventually led to this explosion of publicity and extraordinary compromise of my clients privacy," Fox said.

As for the Crime Victims Rights Board, which Kratz himself chaired, Fox rejects their assertion that the matter is out of their reach.

"This is treatment that was directed to her or at her because she's a woman," he said. "It was differential treatment directed at her because she's a woman, and I believe that is the business of the Victims Rights Board."

And he also rejects Kratz's assertions to the Justice Department that the woman responded neutrally or even positively to his advances.

"Not only was it a no, but she took it to the police," Fox said.

In the upcoming removal hearing, Fox says his client will do whatever she's asked by the state.

"If she's asked to testify, she'll testify," he said.

And he also gave hints about another woman who he says has contacted him about Kratz, describing the allegations.

"Sexually suggestive discussions, messages, and it involved at least one visit, I won't go beyond that at this point, a visit to her home," Fox said.

Kratz's attorney says some of the women coming forward now are gold diggers. Fox says this is a common tactic when somebody believes they'll be sued.

"Because they will be pilloried in the end for pursuing their rights," he said.

As far as potential lawsuits are concerned, Fox says he's taking the case day by day, fact by fact. He says he's not sure if suing would be the best course of action.

And Fox also says he's advising the woman to not give interviews at this time.

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