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UPDATE: President Carter resting comfortably in hospital


CLEVELAND (WKOW) --  A Cleveland hospital says doctors are advising former President Jimmy Carter to stay for additional observations after he spent a night in an Ohio hospital for an upset stomach.

According to Christina Karas, spokeswoman for MetroHealth Medical, Carter is feeling normal and wants to return to his regular schedule as soon as he can.

Carter became ill while aboard a Delta Air Lines flight on Tuesday as he was headed from Atlanta to Cleveland for a book signing.

Carter's grandson, Georgia state Sen. Jason Carter, said that Carter spent Tuesday night at MetroHealth and he was doing fine.

It has not been officially declared whether or not Carter will attend two events scheduled in Washington on Wednesday to promote his book "White House Diary."



CLEVELAND (WKOW) -- Former President Jimmy Carter is resting comfortably in the hospital after developing an upset stomach on a flight to Cleveland.

The 85-year-old was on a Delta flight late Tuesday morning when he became ill. He was taken off a plane by rescue crews and hospitalized for observation.

Carter is expected to resume his book tour on Wednesday, according to the Carter Center.


CLEVELAND (WKOW) -- According to WEWS, the ABC station in Cleveland, former President Jimmy Carter has been taken to the hospital after landing at Cleveland Hopkins Airport this morning.

NewsChannel5 crews at MetroHealth Medical Center said an ambulance arrived with Secret Service crews and an Ohio State Highway Patrol cruiser following it. People in the emergency room at the hospital told our crew they were asked to leave because they were told "President Carter is coming."

President Carter, 85, was expected at Joseph Beth Booksellers in Legacy Village at noon to sign his new book, titled "White House Diary," but has not showed up yet. Mr. Carter, a Democrat, was the 39th president of the United States, serving from 1977 to 1981.

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