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No mail delivery for McFarland neighborhood

MCFARLAND (WKOW) -- Ask residents of McFarland's Hough Street about available services and the answers are fairly uniform.

Cable TV?   Yes.

High-speed internet?   Yes.

Mail delivery?   No.

No mail delivery, despite no obvious obstacles to getting to the homes on the street tucked in the downtown of the village of seven thousand people.

"I know they have mail delivery on Main Street (nearby), so why they can't make one short turn, I don't know why,"   Hough Street resident Stefan Dobler said.

"We've adjusted to it,"   resident Yvonne Smith said.

Hough Street residents must go to McFarland's post office to pick up their daily mail.

Smith said postal officials previously even charged residents for p.o. boxes, but provide them for free now,  after residents complained and officials verified the boxes must be complimentary in lieu of mail delivery.

"We've got two kids, just a lot going on, with our business, and just every day activities,"   Dobler told WKOW27 News.

"We can't get there every day."

But mail may be on the way for Hough Street residents.

U.S. Postal Service official Marge Oelke said officials are "reevaluating" the current policy of refusing to make mail deliveries to Hough Street.

Oelke said mail delivery has not taken place because of safety concerns.

"There's a hill, angled turns and traffic,"   Oelke said.

A WKOW27 News crew made several visits to Hough Street and observed no unusual traffic volumes.

Dobler said residents had been under the impression the lack of the street's inclusion on the mail delivery route had been due to efficiency, rather than safety issues.

It is not a proximity issue.

Although Hough Street is within blocks of the post office, streets immediately adjacent to the McFarland post office do have their mail delivered.

Dobler looks forward to the day when the mail box affixed to the front of his family's home will be more than a conversation piece.

"Yeah, it'd be nice."

Online reporting by Tony Galli.


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