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As midterms near, Democrats push back


WASHINGTON (WKOW) -- Americans go to the polls in just over three weeks; that doesn't leave Democrats much time to head off what could be a Republican landslide in the making.

Democrats are making a desperate push as the midterms near. President Obama is leading the charge to corral wavering voters, but it seems the ebb and flow of the campaign -- are still favoring the GOP.

As the calendar closes the gap to election day, President Obama is working against time to close the enthusiasm gap with voters

Obama said in Philadelphia Sunday, "It's up to you to show the pundits that you care too much about this country to let it fall backwards."

Even Mr. Obama's former senate seat in Illinois is up for grabs -- with the challengers in a nasty war of words.

Mark Kirk, R-IL Senate Candidate, said, "This is a list of all the bank loans to convicted mobsters and felons."

Kirk's Democratic Illinois Senate Candidate Alexi Giannoulias said, "We shouldn't be surprised that the congressman is lying again."

In heavily Democratic Connecticut, Republican Linda McMahon has pulled almost even in her Senate race with Democrat Richard Blumenthal.

He blames her attack ads and huge bankroll

Blumenthal said, "A 50 million dollar negative attack machine is bound to narrow the polls."

McMahon has been defense about her former job as head of world wrestling entertainment and its treatment of women:

McMahon adds, "At WWE, women really are powerful women and the programming content, as I've said, has changed from TV14 to TVPG."

Friday's discouraging employment economic figures means Republicans are eager to talk about the economy.

Ed Gillespie, Former RNC Chairman, said, "We just saw this week that 95,000 Americans lost their job and the unemployment rate remains at 9.6 percent."

Democrats warn against returning the GOP to power.

David Axelrod, Senior Adviser to President Obama, said, "Incomes dropped by 5 percent during the eight years before we got here. And that ultimately crashed our economy."

Voters have just over three weeks to sort it all out.

Analysts say there are about 40 toss-up races in the House and 11 in the Senate, including a tight Senate race here in Wisconsin.

Democratic Incumbent Russ Feingold and Republican challenger Ron Johnson will square off in their second debate Monday night in Wausau.

The candidates held their first debate Friday. Recent polls show Johnson has a slight lead.

WKOW will be streaming the debate live at 7 o'clock Monday evening on our web channel...

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