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31 Chilean miners home, two remain hospitalized

SAN JOSE MINE, Chile (AP) -- Thirty-one Chilean miners are home tonight, 72 days after they went to work one August day. Two miners, who were rescued with the others from a collapsed mine earlier this week, are still recovering and were transferred to other hospitals.

A handful of those released left the hospital through one door into a sea of reporters. The others left quietly by way of a side door. Those released are said to be perfectly healthy.

Rescued miner Daniel Herrera stands in the doorway as he watches fellow miners leave the hospital in Copiapo, Chile. Most of Chile's 33 rescued miners headed home from the hospital Friday as heroes after their 69-day ordeal trapped deep underground.

One of the 33 miners who are now free after nearly 10 weeks underground in Chile says he wants to make sure their experience motivates the mining industry to improve worker safety.

Edison Pena says he doesn't want to be famous, he just wants to make sure something like this doesn't happen again, anywhere in the world.

Hours before he spoke, a miner was crushed to death by rockfall at a mine in central Chile. None of the freed miners has been saying much about the 69 days underground. And it appears that the miners agreed before their release that they would limit what they say.

That's because they're hoping to make the most of the offers that are pouring in, for interviews, media appearances, and perhaps books and movies.

The daughter of one miner says he told her they agreed to divide all of their earnings from those activities. A man who is close to many of the rescued miners says they have hired an accountant to track their income from public appearances and distribute it fairly.

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